Some of my interests and hobbies can be summarized in this list -

The things I love to do:


1. Documentation

2. Travel

3. Sports

4. Photography

5. Making lists (you see what I did there)


This page perfectly encompasses my aforementioned passions and interests. 


One major goal I have is to visit all the 50 states in the United States of America. And I have visited 47 out of the goal of 50.

 ALABAMA (Mobile)                      ARKANSAS (Arkadelphia)          CALIFORNIA (San Francisco)    CONNECTICUT (Bridgeport Harbor) DELAWARE (Reheboth Beach)

 FLORIDA (Sanibel Island)            GEORGIA (Chattahoochee Hills) ILLINOIS (Chicago)                    INDIANA (Dune State Park)          LOUISIANA (New Orleans)

MARYLAND (Ocean City)              MASSACHUSETTS (Boston)      MINNESOTA (Minneapolis)        MISSISSIPI (Gulfport)                    NEW HAMPSHIRE (Keene)

NEW JERSEY (Cape May)              NEW YORK (Fire Island)           NORTH CAROLINA (Raleigh)       OHIO (Ohio River)                           OKHLAHOMA ( Norman)

OREGON (Portland)                      PENNSYLVANIA (Liberty Bell)   SOUTH CAROLINA (Sumter)      TENESSESSEE (Memphis)           TEXAS (College Station)

UTAH (Snowbird)                          VERMONT (Greenwich)              VIRGINIA (Front Royal)              WASHINGTON (Bridge of the Gods)      MAINE (Acadia)           

KANSAS (Manhattan)                  MISSOURI (St. Louis)                 COLORADO (Boulder)                 WYOMING (Cheyenne)                   NEBRASKA (Bushnell)

WISCONSIN (Milwaukee)               MONTANA (Sohon)                  IDAHO (Wallace)                           MICHIGAN (Detroit)                       RHODE ISLAND (Providence)

WISCONSIN (Milwaukee)               MONTANA (Sohon)                  IDAHO (Wallace)                           MICHIGAN (Detroit)                       RHODE ISLAND (Providence)

NORTH DAKOTA (Fargo)             SOUTH DAKOTA (Sioux Falls)    IOWA (Larchwood)                      NEW MEXICO (Albuquerque)         ARIZONA (Willow Beach)

NEVADA (Las Vegas)                    KENTUCKY (Lexington)                               




                                                        PUERTO RICO (San Juan)         WASHINGTON D.C.

My passion for sports inspires me on another quest, which is to visit as many baseball stadiums as I can in America. I am halfway there. 

Philadelphia Phillies                      Washington Nationals                          Pittsburgh Pirates

Baltimore Orioles                                   Seattle Mariners                                  Chicago Cubs

Oakland Athletics                            New York Mets                          Minnesota Twins

Atlanta Braves                            New York Yankees                          San Francisco Giants

Detroit Tigers                                    Boston Red Sox                                  San Diego Padres                         

Colorado Rockies

In the course of my travels, my favorite pastimes has been to take panorama shots with my phone camera. Here are some of them.