Teaching Experience

7 years of teaching experience with responsibility of instructing lab courses and leading recitations.


Instructor for BIOL 388 Microbial Genomics*                                                                         Fall 2016

Co-Instructor: Prof. Anne Rosenwald

*Co-developed the curriculum and designed the course

to follow the CURE model (Course Based Undergraduate Research)


Teaching Instructor for BIOL 151 Biological Chemistry                                                        Spring 2016

Lead Instructors: Profs. Anne Rosenwald and Erica Gerace


Teaching Instructor for BIOL 379                                                                                            Fall 2015

Lead Instructor: Prof. Anne Rosenwald

BIO 230 Evolutionary Biology                                                                                                  Spring 2014, 2015
Instructor: Dr. Paul Schmidt                                                                                                    (2 semesters)


BIO 231 Animal Behavior                                                                                                         Fall 2014
Instructor: Dr. Robert Seyfarth and Dr. Dorothy Cheney                                                      (1 semester)


BIO 124 Introduction to Organismal Biology lab (two sections)                                          Spring 2012,Fall 2013
Instructor: Dr. Linda Robinson                                                                                                (4 semesters)


BIO 101 Introduction to Biology                                                                                               Fall 2010, 2011
Instructors: Dr. Brenda Casper and Dr. Fevzi Daldal (two sections)                                   (2 semesters)


Journal Club leader for Penn Summer Biomedical Research Academy                            Summer 2011, 2012
Course Director: Dr. Linda Robinson


BIO 465 Ecological Techniques in Conservation                                                                    Spring 2011
Instructor: Dr. William McShea,                                                                                               (1 semester)
(in collaboration with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Front Royal, VA) 




Volunteer for Science Education Academy Community Science Carnival                           July 2014
White Rock Baptist Church, Philadelphia

Volunteer for Biology Department High School Science Day                                                May 2012
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Volunteer for Philadelphia Science Festival                                                                            April 2011
The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia